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Character Sketches

During my time in Bible College I was required to do various sketches of characters in the Bible. They will be linked through this page for anyone who might be interested in reading them. Click on the picture to the left of the character name and mini sketch on this page to access the full character sketches of each of the characters.

Noah - Everyone knows the story of Noah and the flood, but what else do 

we know about this great man of God?  Click the picture on the left to visit 

character sketch and learn more about him.

Abraham - Abraham is known as the father of the faith. When it seemed 
that  nobody else was listening he heard God speak to him and tell him to 
get up and leave the life he was accustomed to and move himself and all he to a place God would tell him later. He was a man of great faith. Click on the picture to the left if you would like to know more about this great man.

Isaac - Isaac was born to Abraham and Sarah when Abraham was 100 years old 

and Sarah was 90.  He is the heir to everything that Abraham has but he is not the 

first born son. Click on the picture to the left to learn more about Isaac.

Jacob - "And Jacob said unto his father, I am Esau." With these words Jacob 

deceived his father to get the acquisition of the birthright which lawfully belonged 

to his brother Esau. Click the picture to the left to learn more about "the deceiver."

Joseph - He was born in Haran to Rachel the wife of Jacob. When he was five or six 

years of age his family moved to Palestine where he spent most of his youth. Click the 

picture on your left if you'd learn more about the incredible life of Joseph. Joseph is a 

type of Christ as you will learn if you study the scriptures.

Moses - When people think of Moses the one thing that comes to mind is the sea opening 

up for the Israelites to pass over. But Moses' story has so much more to offer as he is raised 

in the courts of Pharoah to and taught in the best schools Egypt had to offer. Click the picture 

to the left to learn more about this amazing man of God.

Nehemiah - One of the most inspiring and authoritative examples of leadership and management 

in all of scripture is Nehemiah. It would be well for us to consider the reasons for the obvious success 

of this eminent man of God. Click the picture on the left to learn more.

Jonah - Here is an intriguing story of a man who runs from God only to be swallowed by a large fish. 

There are many people who have tried to discover how a large fish could swallow a man whole and 

he lives through it. Click on the picture on the leftto find out.

Paul - This great apostle of the Lord was a persecutor of Christian prior to his conversion to Jesus Christ. 

He was a Pharisee, a strict sect of the Jews who were well-versed in Old Testament scripture. Click on 

the picture the left and enjoy the story of this great saint.

John The Apostle - It is widely believed that John is the author of the book of John, the three epistles 

of John and the book of Revelation. John is well known as the younger of two disciples named John. but 

when John wrote the book of John he was probably well over 70 years of age. Click on the picture the 

left and enjoy the story of this disciple of Jesus Christ.