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Catholicism - Is It Christian?

Catholics are taught that, and believe that, the Catholic Church is the only true Church.

Does this belief have any basis in truth?

Protestants believe that the church originated with Jesus and the Twelve Disciples

and continued with the history found in the Bible book of Acts. Protestants believe the church is called the body of Christ and consists of all true believers worldwide.

They can't both be true. Which one lines up with the scriptures?


Where does the Pope get his authority to lead the Church on earth? What do Catholics believe about ‘apostolic succession’? 

Catholics believe that Jesus passed his authority for the church to Peter when Jesus said; upon this rock I will build my church and they also believe Peter is the first Pope.

Does this belief have any basis in truth?

Protestants believe that Jesus was speaking of himself as the rock the church is founded upon and that the church is composed of the body of believers worldwide. Protestants also believe that there is no mention of a Pope to be found anywhere in the scriptures or even any human

ruler designated to be the sole authority on earth, nor has there ever been any such person through all the church ages.

They can't both be true. Which one lines up with the scriptures?


Catholics believe that the scriptures were given to the Catholic church given authority by Jesus Christ and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit compiled the Bible in the form it exists today. Therefore, the authority of scripture is in the Catholic church and the Pope.

Does this belief have any basis in truth?

Protestants believe that the authority is in the scriptures themselves.

They can't both be true. Which one lines up with the scriptures?


More will be covered in the pages dealing with this religion, and there will be questions and answers given for the consideration of those who come to this site that are based on what the creator of this site believes from his own study of this religion and the Bible itself.

It will be up to the reader what they choose to believe.Those who seek after truth will always be teachable until they become so dogmatic about their stance on something that they can no longer be taught by anyone because they have come to believe that they have absolute truth that no man can possibly refute in any way!

To them, no matter what position they hold, I quote the following:

"No man has all the knowledge on any subject at any time." -Rev., Dr. John Q. Kenzy - With all due respect, I add to Reverend Kenzy's original statement. "So then, we all can stand to learn more about what we know or what we think we know."   C. R. Lord 

A Huge Mistake Catholics and Muslims Make

There is one huge error propagated worldwide by Muslims and Catholicsand that is in saying Christianity and Catholicism are synonymous.  There is no genuine correlation between the two words.  This error has held ever since the Crusades.   For the sake of an abbreviated discussion   I call upon Jesus Christ himself to clarify the point once and for all time. 

Here are his words; "But I say unto you; love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you."  

Matthew 5:44 KJV

That verse is not a suggestion but a commandment from the Savior of all true Christians. Jesus also said the following: "If ye love me, keep my commandments."   John 14:15

Whatever the Crusaders were, it is quite clear that they did not obey the Lord's command to love their enemies.  You cannot love someone and deliberately slay them with a sword.

I have asked Muslims who say they love Jesus (Issa) with these questions: "You say that you love Jesus, is that right?" (No Muslim will deny their love for Jesus)  After asking that question   and getting a positive response I ask the second question using John 14:15 in conjunction with  Matthew 5:44.  The second question is; "Are you really obeying Jesus who you say you love by killing your enemies rather than loving them?"

If it was the time of the Crusades neither the Catholic Priests, who sent them, or the soldiers who went to the Crusades could confess to loving and obeying Christ. On the other side, neither could the Muslims who fought the soldiers of Catholicism say that they loved and obeyed Christ either. Yet both sides are still pointing the finger at one another and neither side is right.

No genuine believer in Jesus Christ could kill another human being without violating  the commandment of Christ to love our enemies.  I don't think it should be too hard to understand. Seems like it is much harder than I thought.

Some might wonder how this applies to the current hatred of Muslims for Catholics and Christians. It should be obvious that Muslims associate genuine Christianity as Catholic when in fact it is not. Because of this association true followers of Christ are killed by Muslims across the world, their churches are also burned to the ground and their women raped and men enslaved and children either trained to be Muslims or are beheaded for their refusal to change.

I cannot help but wonder what it would take for this misunderstanding to be changed.