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Catholicism Analyzed

An Analysis of Catholicism and a Warning to Those Who Accept It as Truth

While it is not my purpose to offend anyone, I know beyond all doubt that people will be offended by what is written below, but I will not ever sugar coat my message in this case because the price is far too great! To die and

fail in writing truth of this nature would be to hate all people who I could have warned. I would gladly be mocked and hated if that is necessary in order that one soul might find the truth written here and act on it and in doing so would find eternal life in Jesus Christ who alone is our salvation. My heart goes out to the millions who have been led to believe that the act of baptism, genuflecting, repeating prayers, praying to saints and other such

vain attempts at pleasing God will somehow earn them God’s favor. Simple truth is so close and yet so far away for them, and the oppressive tenets of the Catholic faith bind them so they can never find the freedom that comes from a personal relationship with Christ. These tenets are refuted below.

The Pope cannot revive Christianity because he is the head of the Catholic Church, which is not and has never been Christian to begin with. If anyone reading this would  simply check history they would see the Roman Catholic hierarchy persecuted and killed Christians who subscribed to faith in Christ alone as their means of salvation and would not bow to Papal authority. The great men of faith were brutalized and burned at the stake. Pick up and read Foxes’ Book of Martyrs and see the horrible tortures inflicted on not only the men, but the women and children also. This is history – not fiction. This is a faithful account of barbaric torture and insane cruelty that can’t be denied by anyone who is an honest seeker of truth no matter what the cost.  A link to read it free is on the bottom right.

Heresies abound in Catholicism. Mary is not sinless, but a sinner, just like everyone else. I am sure she is appalled that anyone would pray to her. The only acceptable prayer found in scripture is prayer to the Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Baptism as an infant doesn't enter you into God's family.  Salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ does.  Doesn’t it strike you who believe in the Roman Catholic concept of baptism that Christ died in vain if there is one thing any of us can do to secure our salvation?  It was Christ’s sacrifice alone plus nothing else that secured salvation for all who would believe. When he died, he said, “It is finished.”  Nothing could be added to it.

Praying to saints accomplishes nothing because the Bible commands that we are to pray to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ the Son under the direction and anointing of the Holy Spirit. There is no mention of praying to the saints in scripture, and if the disciples (not saints) were here they would be horrified if someone bowed before them and prayed to them. Indeed they would renounce it vehemently as Paul did when men tried to exalt him.

     Communion is a service of remembrance of Christ's sacrifice for us. At the Last Supper before his ascension Christ said, “This do in remembrance of me.” Transubstantiation or the actual body and blood of Christ being       eaten is spiritual cannibalism and is not scriptural. Christ died only once for the ungodly and will not be sacrificed over and over again as this heresy teaches.

The Pope is not infallible as the Catholic Church teaches. He is a sinful man just like everyone else and only God is perfect in all his judgments. Therefore every man can read and understand the Bible provided they trust the Holy Spirit to teach them. The Catholic Church has never had an absolute corner on interpretation of scripture. John 14:26 makes it clear that the Holy Spirit will teach the believer all things. Nobody can take this office from him.

There is no purgatory.  When people die they either go to Heaven or Hell. There is no biblical teaching that indicates that mankind can work off their sins. Christ died as the only sacrifice for sins and his work is complete. Nothing can be added to it or taken away from it.  If we could somehow earn God's favor - then Christ's sacrifice wasn't either enough or not necessary and he died in vain.

Confession to a priest is wrong and should be banned. When Christ died the temple veil was torn from top to bottom and the priesthood was made void. The tearing of the temple veil was a sign from God that all men had equal access to the Father through Jesus Christ and didn't need a human mediator anymore. To teach otherwise is heresy. The Bible goes on to state,   “There is only one mediator between God and man; the man Christ Jesus.”  Usurping his position as mediator is gross sin in the sight of God.  Can any man take the place of Jesus?  We can certainly pray for one another, but no priest has the power given to the priests in Roman Catholicism.

The Catholic habit of genuflecting, counting beads and praying the Lord's prayer (The Our Father) in a monotone voice and in unison is of no value in the sight of God. God seeks prayer and actions that come from a heart that has been cleansed by the blood of Christ. He is not impressed with ritual and ceremony that come as a habit acquired over the years in the hopes it will be pleasing to him. In Matthew, Chapter 23, Jesus Christ rebuked the ignorant Scribes and Pharisees for their strict adherence to the law while they were leading men astray. He called them out for their adherence to ritual and the broadening of their phylacteries and pompous show of giving and praying in public to be seen of men. He called them names like generation of vipers, blind leaders of the blind, and children of hell. He then asked them, “How shall you escape the damnation of Hell?”  Religious leaders scorned by Jesus!  He finally told them that when they make a convert to their religious      belief they make that convert twice the child of Hell that they themselves were.

     Praying for the dead is nowhere to be found in scripture. After someone is dead, there is no  hope left for them if they die without Christ. Praying for them is a vain and empty gesture. Praying for them while they are             alive that they will turn to Christ and be saved is one of the prayers we should offer for all our loved ones and friends when we become Christians. God has promised  that he will move on behalf of those Christians who         pray for God’s mercy and deliverance for all men from spiritual blindness in response to the prayer of faith. While God will not force anyone to be delivered he will certainly bring the conviction of sin and give them                   opportunity to be saved.

It is a sad thing that people follow any man who willfully or ignorantly teaches lies that deny scripture and in doing so are deceived into thinking they will enter God’s kingdom when they die. What a horrible wake up call awaits those who die trusting anyone or anything but Jesus Christ for their salvation!  In John 14:6 Jesus says; “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man can come unto the Father but through me.”  Will we accept a substitute when he has spoken so clearly?  I say never!  Faith in Christ alone saves!

The Bible is the final word on all things, and anyone who follows any man’s teaching without checking it against the scriptures must answer to God on judgment day for allowing someone else to teach them what God expects them to find out themselves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

2 Timothy 2:15 tells us we are to study to show ourselves approved unto God – rightly dividing the word of truth. Joshua l:8 commands us to study the Word of God day and night that we may observe all that is written in it to do what is written in it. It goes on to say that in doing so we will make our way prosperous and have good success. Psalms, Chapter one  says a godly man’s delight is in the law of the Lord and in that law does he meditate day and night . Psalms 119 contains 172 verses concerning the Bible and what our attitude toward it should be.

God wants all men everywhere to repent and be delivered from this and all other false teaching.  It is up to every individual what they do with this message. God will judge us on what we know, and after reading all that is written here, the reader has no more excuse to follow the false teaching of Roman Catholicism.  Now the reader has every reason to seek out truth and let the Holy Spirit lead and guide him or her to the saving grace that is found in Jesus Christ. Beyond salvation, the Holy Spirit will continue to teach the truths of God’s Word as believers seek him daily to help them in their walk as Christians. Will you come out from this religion to life in Christ?                                    

C R Lord © 9/27/2015