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The picture to your left was taken on a cold and windy day near the Ocean in Ocean City, MD on one of my vacation trips.  At that time I grew a beard longer than usual, and I sort of liked that look.  It reminds me of the movies about the old sea faring captains out chasing whales or maybe pirates, or even being a pirate myself.  In reality my look is pretty conservative, my hair is much closer to my head and my beard isn't as savage. 

I don't see myself as being an average person in some ways but a regular person in most ways. My life's devoted to Jesus Christ and my wife and children and grandchildren; and then to the rest of the world within my sphere of life daily.       

  I was delivered from a life of hardship, poverty and wickedness on February 19, 1974 around 10 in the evening in Ft. Lauderdale, FL after being released from the county jail.  My arrest was for drug charges.  My salvation was overwhelming as God filled every part of me with his glorious presence and I have been his servant since then.

I am not a reporter, but I am a news gathering patriot.  The so called mainstream media has abandoned journalistic integrity and hides much that is vitally important from the public in order that they might carry out their nefarious agenda against our Free Republic and all its citizens.

There are some who erroneously believe in the myth of Separation of church and state and are convinced that Christians need to stay out of the political arena and just pray about what happens in that venue of life.  I find that position to be an infantile and naive one since God commands his people to work to defeat evil wherever they find it.  There's no exclusion in life's venues I know of.

Evil is present everywhere on earth.

I love all mankind, including my detractors and  enemies because God has enabled me to do so.  My purpose in gathering information is strictly countering the evil element withholding news.

i will be commenting on various subjects beginning with this page and on. ​
my readers can decide for themselves whether it's opinion, fact or fiction.

Child Sex Trafficking and Adult Trafficking   

I am thoroughly convinced that this is the most vitally important issue in the world today.  As a Christian I know that Satan is behind 

this before anyone else even begins to think about doing it.  What kind of person could take children ages newborn through younger teens and kidnap them for the explicit purpose of selling them to perverts who want to use them for torture, rape, personal sexual 

lust and sex parties?  Obviously they are people under strong bondage to Satan and/or greedy for wealth or power to the extent 

that they don't even think of how their evil affects the children and everyone connect to them.  The Bible speaks of people who have reprobate minds or minds that no longer can discern between good and evil in any way.  I believe there are many right now who 

have moved beyond reality or have been used through MK Ultra to act this way.   I am keenly aware that some of these people are Satan Worshipers who many people would like to deny the existence of, but they are very real today.

In the Bible there was no forced slavery among the people of God and there is none in our generation among Christians.  In the days 

of Jesus some people would sometimes volunteer to be a servant to someone and sometimes even for life because they loved them or wanted to repay them for doing something that was beneficial in some amazing way for them.  Only those outside Israel kept slaves and that would be those they conquered and captured during war.  In our generation I believe this is also true as at least on group in the world has people they enslave who are then treated with absolute disrespect and robbed of their dignity and worth as humans.  It has never been God's intention that men should be slaves.  Our Constitution lets us know that we are endowed with certain inalienable rights given to us from God and those rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Nobody should ever be a forced slave in any culture in our world today.  Sadly there are many women and children and some men who have been enslaved and forced into doing ungodly things with the threat of death to them or their loved ones hanging over their heads.  

Mankind has done the unthinkable.  I find it difficult, disgusting, revolting, sickening and in every way putrid and beyond evil that as I am typing this a newborn baby is being tortured and offered as a sacrifice 

to an Old Testament god called Moloch.  If find it nearly unbelievable that babies that age are being raped, killed and thrown away in whatever place is convenient.  The same is happening to little children as young as newborn and through the teen years and these sick people are even paying other teens to recruit their peers to join in on this vile activity.  It's horrible to know that children are being given shock treatments to force changes in their blood and then these children are bled and their blood is used as an drug in the insane attempt to gain immortality and stay young, and that this is being done in America's government and other venues in our nation.  

I am thankful that President Trump decided to put an end to the trafficking and thousands of children and babies and adults have been set free and many of the perpetrators of this disgusting trafficking and abuse, rape and murder and sacrifice to idols are in prison or dead.  I am certain he is still pursuing this in spite of not being in the White House.  I am thankful that we have men and women today who are in the fight against all trafficking and traffickers too, but it seems there are never enough.  I believe what Joe Biden and his playmates are doing allowing all these children at the border to be put in cages like animals gives traffickers a place to go for fresh victims and it has become a travesty that should never have happened.  The judgment of God will surely come for all those who participate in theses exceedingly evil things.  I pray that if there is even one who might have a spark of hope to be delivered from the power of Satan that God would have mercy on them in spite of their great sin against humanity and children in particular.  As much as I despise what they are doing I have no desire for anyone to be damned to a lake of fire forever.  God deliver us from our sins and turn our nation back to you.

C R Lord © 5/2/2021              

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