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understanding the workings of modern news media

In 1898 Samuel J. Andrews, wrote a book that included some excellent insight into the news and it is very revealing if regarded in the light of our current news media.  I cannot recommend this too much!  It opened my eyes long ago when I first read it.  I will copy just the main parts of the section on the media rewording  where I feel it is necessary to bring some terms used up to our time without distorting the meaning of the original text.   I believe, for the  first time, it will shed a lot of light on what is happening for some of my readers.  While the title of the book is "Christianity And Anti-Christianity In Their Final Conflict" the information presented here applies to every venue of our lives in America and around the world.  I believe the truth of this message might deliver  even some sheep from the lies of the fake news.  People have a hard time believing our media could be completely sold out to evil.  Hopefully this will open their eyes.  PLEASE NOTE: From time to time I may comment on what Mr. Andrews presents.  Please bear with me.

Mr. Andrews begins; "An exemption from the law of supply and demand is often claimed for the press......  It is obvious what great benefit the press might be if it fulfilled its high function.  To do this it must be in the hands of truth loving; unprejudiced, and able men, men who value the true and good above their pecuniary interests, and of such men only.  This, everyone knows, is not the case.

"As there are in every community varying degrees of culture, intellectual and moral, we may expect to see a corresponding variety of periodicals."  THE NEXT FEW WORDS ARE ESPECIALLY APPLICABLE TO TODAY'S MEDIA:  "Unprincipled men will be found who will print what the lowest and  vilest ask for, caring nothing for morality or the interests of society.  The only restraint upon them is the law and its penalties are little feared."  Here I must respond with my own assessment because the media of this  day in history have given themselves over to the lowest and vilest of men to print lies, innuendo, half truths, smears, marginalization of others and much more evil including outright treason.  The press has been sold, purchased, given or created to the point that only five or six entities own and control all the news in America and around the world.  People worldwide have been spoon fed what they believe to be truth for decades, questioning little and believing those who have deceived them into thinking the press was honest and reporting fair and balanced and in their best interests.  To believe this was easy as it was made palatable through methodology created by smooth professionals who understand the precepts of mind control and conditioning like most of us never will in our lifetime.  We were lulled to sleep thinking our world was safe and life as we know or understand it was getting better in spite of outrageous debt and greed created through the use of the appropriate advertising techniques and easy access to credit.  The news media in every form carried the  ball and we were none the wiser.  Unprincipled people promoting the lowest and vilest content became the order of the day as America sunk lower and lower into a cesspool of lies clever enough to take us all in. 

Mr. Andrews goes on to say, "The press cannot create the spirit of an age (time in history) ; it can only give it utterance.  IT'S POWER LIES IN ITS ABILITY TO GIVE PUBLICITY TO PRINCIPLES AND MOVEMENTS, OR TO WITHHOLD IT.  According to its position it may proclaim or may ignore vital truths and facts; may give prominence to events and men or pass them by in silence."  Our press has gone much farther than what this man 

has written.  IT HAS DECIDED THAT IT CAN CENSOR EVERYTHING THAT DOESN'T SUBMIT TO ITS NARRATIVE.  Professional journalism has been thoroughly infested and political deceit has been inserted in place  of honest journalism.  The saddest part of this is that many people refuse to believe this is happening and "sheep" have trusted even the foulest writing of those they trusted for decades and who they refuse to doubt.  Researching media decade by decade would most likely astound all of us at how utterly naive we have been for such a long time.  The press knew what we wanted and served it up to us in packages that seemed to be harmless and beneficial to us.  I find it hard to believe that it took one man coming into history to withstand this corruption and remove it for us to wake up to reality and fight to turn the tide that imprisoned us.

Mr. Andrews goes on to say, "We may note also that the periodical press (news media of all kinds) regards all subjects as coming within its sphere, -- sacred and secular, -- everything which affects humanity.  Nothing is too high or too low.  It sits in judgment upon all men, upon all questions, and its judgments are often uttered in a very dogmatic way as irreversible." He then goes on to say, "How far the publicity given by the news papers to crimes of all kinds tends to increase them, is a question often discussed, but the fact can scarcely be denied.  We are thus acquainted with things of which we were better ignorant of, and the knowledge  of which leaves a moral stain which we may strive in vain to wash out.  This is true to the highest degree of children who through the daily or weekly news paper are made familiar with forms of vice which should be known only to those who have the right to the knowledge."  HERE MR. ANDREWS IS SAYING THAT CHILDREN HAVE ACCESS TO THING THAT SHOULD NEVER BEEN SEEN OR HEARD EXCEPT BY ADULTS WHO ARE MATURE ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH THEM.    There is much more of value in this book including some information about Christians and the way the morality demanded by God in the Bible is swept under a rug because Christians have become insensitive to the world around them, the sin in their own lives and the amazing move away from God to an absorption in a world we are told that we are not to love.  Mr. Andrews shows how Christian media has been on a downhill slide and the demands of the gospel have been replaced by so-called Christian liberalism and other shallow anti-God, anti-Christian beliefs and even practices in the church.

I want to offer my final conclusion specifically about the media which by and large is an outright cheap imitation of what it once was.  Through bribery, manipulation, power and wealth, among other things all news agencies whether on paper, magazines, books or internet productions have become the pawns of those who seek power and wealth and even the control of the entire world in a globalist government.  Because of this corruption, news media sources have been forced to rise to counter this full blown attack on those who love freedom both in the Western culture and in every other cultures worldwide.  Men, women and young people  known as "digital warriors" have risen to the task of seeking to reverse the massive upheaval of society created in the minds of globalists, Socialists, Marxists, and other enemies of all freedom.  These new journalists found a champion in President Donald j. Trump and in General Michael Flynn, a patriot of the highest caliber.  Millions of people have answered the call to expose corruption and bring the perpetrators to justice and restore our Free Republic, our Constitution and our freedoms.  The insidious, lying press serving our enemies attacks the President, the General, and the patriots incessantly but are losing the battle because in spite of censorship and other evil games they play we are turning the tide in favor of the people of all nations and the world is looking on in hope knowing that if America falls that entire world falls with it.  America is the last stronghold of freedom in the world that holds the power to end this fraudulent attack on all mankind and we will prevail.  I know we will prevail because we have united like never before to stand firm against wickedness and we have the author of all that is good on our side.  Satan leads the minions of the modern press to their own doom, but God who threw him out of Heaven will toss this vile demon down once more and return freedom to America as the enemies of our nation are taken captive, imprisoned or executed as their crimes demand and as they deserve.  

I encourage anyone who believes what is called the mainstream media to look deep into who they are, who controls them and why they have so much power over everyone who opposes their narrative.  Try to separate yourselves from political preferences and any other bias that might blind you to what they are doing.  Examine their words and how irrational they are and how filled with hatred they are.  Try to recall how news used to be and examine whether the standards of the present day media represent your values and morals or whether they have become nothing more than a political tool spouting incredibly ludicrous things that don't really represent values Americans cherish.  We have been made to be fools for too long.  Think about how people have been led to accept some of the most absurd things imaginable.  Who would have ever thought we would live in a time when women and men marry the same sex and parade brazenly on our streets or that people would select their gender in spite of the obvious physical bodies God gave them clearly defining their gender.  Who would have believed that children were being forced into sex change at a very early age?  Have we turned into Sodom and Gomorrah or worse?  Are we really offended by Mr. Potato Head?  Has PC led us down a path we cannot return from so that everyone is offended about everything and anything.  We are renaming sports teams because one "hireling paid by globalists" pretends to be offended.  Does anyone honestly think that we are not being used and abused by these devious people pretending to care when they are running an agenda to destroy us all?  It's been said over and over again that it's time to wake up.  Millions of Americans have joined in the "Great Awakening" exposing this duplicitous nonsense intended to throw confusion on us and divide us.  The Bible tells us "A nation divided against itself shall not stand."  It's absolutely necessary for every true patriot of this nation to put aside differences and examine our motivation in what we have chosen to accept and act on.  The survival of this nation depends on it.  No more fake news!  No more political correctness!  No more racism being pushed on us!  Refuse the narrative of these disgusting enemies and let's join together in unity and take them down and restore sanity to our nation.  Are you with us or not?  It's decision time for every American.  We must unite as Americans, laying aside all differences, for the survival of our nation and people across the world who are hoping desperately that we win and become America again. 

C R Lord © 5/9/2021    


Christian Author and News Gathering Patriot

The picture to your left was taken on a cold and windy day near the Ocean in Ocean City, MD on one of my vacation trips.  At that time I grew a beard longer than usual, and I sort of liked that look.  It reminds me of the movies about the old sea faring captains out chasing whales or maybe pirates, or even being a pirate myself.  In reality my look is pretty conservative, my hair is much closer to my head and my beard isn't as savage. 

I don't see myself as being an average person in some ways but a regular person in most ways. My life's devoted to Jesus Christ and my wife and children and grandchildren; and then to the rest of the world within my sphere of life daily.       

  I was delivered from a life of hardship, poverty and wickedness on February 19, 1974 around 10 in the evening in Ft. Lauderdale, FL after being released from the county jail.  My arrest was for drug charges.  My salvation was overwhelming as God filled every part of me with his glorious presence and I have been his servant since then.

I am not a reporter, but I am a news gathering patriot.  The so called mainstream media has abandoned journalistic integrity and hides much that is vitally important from the public in order that they might carry out their nefarious agenda against our Free Republic and all its citizens.

There are some who erroneously believe in the myth of Separation of church and state and are convinced that Christians need to stay out of the political arena and just pray about what happens in that venue of life.  I find that position to be an infantile and naive one since God commands his people to work to defeat evil wherever they find it.  There's no exclusion in life's venues I know of.

Evil is present everywhere on earth.

I love all mankind, including my detractors and  enemies because God has enabled me to do so.  My purpose in gathering information is strictly countering the evil element withholding news.

i will be commenting on various subjects beginning with this page and on. ​
my readers can decide for themselves whether it's opinion, fact or fiction.