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Four Books In One

This book is available in both paperback and kindle through Amazon.  Another great book to share with friends and loved ones or a home Bible study or a class in church or Christian school.  Expand your knowledge, and if you already have this knowledge share it with those you love or buy a copy to give them as a gift..

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Four Books In One with Glossy Covers and a variety of content for students who love history as well as scripture.  This book would look great on a coffee table, church office desk or home office.   (95 Pages)

The two cities books speak of each city in church history and what effect religion or Christianity had on them.  The Genesis One Study is practically a verse by verse study of this important chapter of the Bible and the final book is filled with the original quotes of C R Lord gleaned over his life encompassing 79 (near 80) years of living. 

Scripture, History and the Quotes of C R Lord

A collection of C R Lord's "wisdumb" in quotes closes out the collection and might just give the reader some interesting and new insights into life's issues.  One of my personal favorites is "Sometimes I get so mad I could crush a marshmallow."

Truth Never Changes

The author was visiting Yahoo Answers frequently years ago and attempting to answer the questions there relating to many of life's important issues.  This book takes over 70 of those questions and gives the author's answers from a Chritian perpective for believers and unbelievers alike.  The answers given were mostly chosen as best answer by others who encountered these questions and read the author's answers or chosen best by the person asking the question or questions.

A 117 page resource that will prove to be useful for Christians in giving answers to important life issues.  This is standard 6 x 9 book with a Matte finish.  Gentle to the touch with a nice texture on the covers.

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This is for the lay person who may encounter many of the questions in conversation with someone you are ministering to.  It will serve well as a reference for future conversations.

A Study Of Genesis One (40 Pages)

This is as advertised; A study of the first chapter of Genesis, often called "The book of beginnings, and rightly so since it is the story of creation and every living thing in existence along with the earth with its beautiful terrain and oceans and other bodies of water,  It's the first marriage and many other firsts including the first sins of mankind.  It is also the story of God's mercy and grace instead of his wrath on sinners, a foreshadowing of redemption.

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Go to Amazon and preview the book before making a final decision on whether to add it to your library.  God bless you all!  This book is available in kindle and paperback.

The Author's Premise

As shown below, the best way to know someone is to invest time in being with them and in God's case, investing time in his word because the heart of an author is in his writing.

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