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Each presentation below WILL BE available in pdf format for download            

Words of wisdumb from a patriot

an original creation of c r lord containing his political poetry.  as a veteran serving nearly 8 years in the us air force and a citizen for almost 80 ytears, c r lord knows the value of freedom both in the political and national sense as well as in the spiritual sense.  the poems included could be controversial such as "it's time" about a traitor in the white house, maga to honor president trump and america the beautiful?   (12 pages and 2 pages of personal/contact information)

christians in politics?

christians in the political venue have been a source of discussion and contention for decades and caused many words to be spoken that should have been better left unspoken.  this book seeks to clarify what is and what isn't in the constitution concerning this issue and challenges chrisitans to understand what surely will happen if they don't get involved.    (20 pages - with pictures)

eye o the news - the first edition of 2021-2022

this is one of four news presentations created by c r lord.  this presentation deals primarily with the fake pandemic and what was and is involved.  The Questions asked are "what is a pandemic and is there any news that is reputable?"  how is the medical field involved and who is pushing the "jabs?"  this patriotic spin on a controversial subject is vitally important!   (16 pages debunking the mainsteam media narrative)

an honest presentation - part one

Produced 11/18/2021 - This downloadable book is a brief explanation of why an when i got involved in the political world as a christian.  i got the a-typical tag of being a conspiracy theorist which has been slung around endlessly by globalists for decades, and then the report briefly moves to a businessman who also entered the political scene exposing the "theory."                           (10 pages)

an honest presentation - part two

This presentation deals with the "unreported" accomplishments of donald j trump and how the fake news hid much from the public about what he was doing.  it speaks of a tour he went on to various countries and the vatican and what he did and how he was received.  so much was hidden including worldwide rioting as people got wise to the tyranny of their governments.     (16 pages)

eye on the news special edition

this special edition of the news was produced 4/8/2022 to help expose the depth and width of corruption in america and through foreigners working with american government leaders.  it speaks of suppression of knowledge, families, child trafficking, capitulation of military leaders, open borders and what we see and don't see; calling us to rise knowing god is on our side.    (19 pages - with  plenty of pictures)