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Each presentation below WILL BE available in pdf format for download or reading         

What's In Your Wallet- Revised For This Generation

This is a beautiful story created in 1885 as part of a teaching series for children by William Boyd Carpenter D.D.  This is one chapter of sixteen in the book.  The book was done in the English of that time and the characters had names you'll never hear in this generation.  I revised the manuscript for this generation, put pictures where there were none and used four of my grandsons names to replace the names of the sons in the story.  This is a parable of four young men moving from earth to the Heavenly City of their Father.    (26 pages beautifully illustrated)

Jesus And Salvation

This presentation can be used on a blog or website or dowloaded and printed out as a booklet to carry to evangelize on the streets or even to share in sunday school or bible study group in your home.  the gospel presented in this creation is straight and simple enough for anyone.  after purchasing this you are free to share it in whatever way you believe will honor the lord and bring people closer to him or lead someone to salvation in jesus christ.  feel free to place your contact information on it.   (12 pages - w/pictures)

The Proud Cloud - A simple Tool to teach children

I wrote this poem January 4, 1987, and it became a favorite to me and to my wife and children who really enjoyed it.  The storyline is about a cloud whose pride causes trouble in the Heavens among the other clouds.  He boasted about his great ability to create rain and drove the other clouds insane as the poems says.  The other clouds call on the lord to fix the problem and he does. (Simple 7 page download)

the prayer life of a christian - we all need this!

Produced 12/25/2021 - This downloadable book is a look at the probems of Christians when it comes to the vitally important privilege of prayer.  The book looks at the reason for our difficulty in communing with our father in heaven and gives a solution we should already know.  This presentation then challenges all readers to take action for their sake and the sake of others.  (15 pages - illustrated)

Should We Be Boasting? - who deserves the glory?

This presentation is based on James 1:17 kjv letting us know where our talents and gifts really come from.  it examines various facets of life and various venues and then reaches the only possible conclusion based on the information presented.  this is a great teaching tool that will help people of all ages understand that glory and honor belongs to one person alone, and it isn't us!   (16 pages - illustrated)

Catholic Doctrine -Refuting the Catechism

Catholicism has been a force in the religious world community for a very long time.  it has been the source of much controversy including the crusades and persecution of christians that refuse to conform to the doctrines and practices it propagates.  this presentation challenges some central catholic doctrine and compares the teachings and doctrine to scripture.  (14 pages - with pictures)

The God Of The Bible - well worth considering!

six chapters of great information about the god of the bible.  content includes "who or what is god, attributes of god, our father in heaven, are we all god's children?, god's love and knowing god, is it possible?"  plenty to consider for those who don't know much about god and for those who already 

know about him and even those who claim to know him.  (25 pages - black and white or color pages)   

Jesus In The Bible - plenty to read and digest!

seven chapters of great information answering many questions about jesus.  chapters include, who is jesus christ?, did jesus really exist?, the exclusive christ, jesus and salvation, jesus, son of man, jesus, son of god, and is jesus really god?  this is a great package of information about the most discussed person in history and the most controversial as well.  (35 pages - black and white or color pages) 

10 Character Sketches With Pictures

Character Sketches of ten of the most prominent men in scripture with pictures.  The men featured are Noah, abraham, isaac, jacob, joseph, nehemiah, jonah, moses john the apostle and paul the apostle.  these totally human and weak men like all of us were used by god in spite of themselves.  each character sketch becomes a story in itself to enjoy over and over.   (33 pages)

Original Quotes Of C R Lord

having lived nearly 80 years on planet earth, c r lord has experienced a wide variety of things from birth to marriage to the present day, and during that time he has accumulated a collection of thoughts that are original to him and compiled in this volume.  there are humorous quotes, political quotes, christian quotes and others to add to your repertoire and share.   (18 pages - black and white or  color pages)

A Study Of genesis One 

this is a comprehensive study of the first chapter of the book of genesis which is called the bible book of beginnings.  there is much to be considered when thinking of the creation of everything as you study this amazing chapter where god spoke everything into existence but put his personal touch on mankind and gave him dominion over all creation.   (40 pages - black and white or color pages)

Rome, The Eternal City

this is a quick study of rome when the popes and bishops held a lot of power over kings and other leaders  that were in authority.  this includes the history and charactistics, culture and economics, the religion of rome and christianity's influence on rome.  this study provides a base whie leaving plenty of room for the student to expand on it.   (20 pages - black and white or color pages)

Wittenburg and the reformation

Wittenburg is where the famous 95 theses of luther was posted on the door as he challenged the catholic heirarchy standing against what he believed to be false understanding and teaching of the scriptures.  in this study is a brief history, wycliffe and hus, luther's early life and monastic life, and the reformation or great awakening of the masses.   (16 pages - black and white or color pages)