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By: fonsoc | February 05, 2016

Reflections On Important Matters

I guess a good jumping off point would be to clearly define what constitutes matters that are important to life.  There is a broad scope of things that are considered important in life according to the world view held by the individual concerned.  There are, however, only two perspectives on every issue that concerns mankind and I will base my analysis on those two views.
The first view, I would like to examine is the worldly view, or as the Bible calls it, the carnal nature. The carnal nature is that part ​of all men, women and children that cares nothing for anything that is spiritual in nature unless the spiritual can be molded and shaped to please the carnal nature within that person. The focus of this pa...

By: fonsoc | October 11, 2015

We All Serve Someone or Something

We live in a world of servants.  There are many forms of servitude, but every person ever born is living in service to someone or something whether they like to admit it or not.

In some instances people are unwilling slaves and they have no choice about who they are serving.  These people live in countries where oppression reigns and their rights are stripped away from them without regard to them in any respect.  Their dignity, honor, personal worth, and all else is set aside by those they serve as negligible and unworthy of consideration.  For them life is a drudgery and misery is their closest companion.  Sadly they are destined to live in this way all their life unless a miracle releases them from this hor...

By: fonsoc | September 18, 2015


What is Bigotry?  (dictionary: stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from yours)

We live in a generation of shifting opinions and ideas concerning a number of things that are vital to human culture and it seems that everyone on both sides of the issues believes themselves to be the only right ones. A prime example is the issue of spanking.  For centuries it has been believed that discipline, including giving a child a spanking was a 

normal part of the upbringing of our children. Then along came others who hold strongly to the teaching that spanking or corporal punishment of any kind causes children irreparable harm to their psyche.  Where do you stand on this issue? Are you dogmatic and assert...

By: fonsoc | September 16, 2015

The Erratic Blog

This particular post exists because I inadvertently hit the post button and I haven't been able to find a way to get rid of it. 

The name "The Erratic Blog" is being used because I am not one of those people who posts anything regularly to my blog.  My posts are hit or miss as they come and could be days, week, or months apart.  I just decided to put up a blog just for the sake of having one on my web site.  I guess it's the thing to do in our generation.  Not much else to say.  The first post is the genuine beginning to this blog.  This is just fill in stuff.

By: fonsoc | September 16, 2015

Co-Existence -- Is It Really Possible?

The banner above seeks to encourage the joining of certain belief systems or ideologies. The question is can they truly become unified? The answer if an absolute and unequivocal NO!  These are views that are radically opposed to one another and especially one of them that has no acknowledgment of the others and will not permit joining them.  That one is the Christian faith in its truest form and doctrines.  Another that will not tolerate the others is Islam which means submission, and Islam teaches that all world religions and all peoples should submit to Islam as the one true religion.  

Jesus Christ speaking in John 14:6 stated; "I am the way the truth, and the life;...