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Bible College

Bev started thinking about going to Bible College, and the Lord gave her an opportunity to visit Teen Challenge Institute in the small town of Sunbury, PA. She got an application, and entered school in January of 1976. It was there that Bev really began to grow in her Christian walk as 

God made a lot of changes in her heart and life.

This was her first time away from home and it was scary for her.  One experience that came quickly was that she was assigned to a room with a person who was her exact opposite.  Bev was quiet and more passive and her roommate, Patty was very outgoing.  They didn't get along 

at first, but as time passed they developed a deep and abiding friendship in Christ.  Patty would never ask any of the staff or students to pray for her when she was sick because she was a strong believer in childlike faith.  She would gather the little children around her and have them  

pray for her and she  said she was always healed when they did.  

Bev really enjoyed the ministries and the classes at TCI.   She also learned to say no when people asked her to do things for them and that was a big switch because she would always say yes.  It was not good because it was taking up time she needed for other things of equal or greater importance.  

During her stay there she was involved in Coffee house ministry, State School ministry, school traveling choir, prison ministry, and prayer ministries. During the course of her schooling she wanted to quit at the midway mark but the Lord convinced her she needed to stay and finish what she had started.   She also met, what she thought was a humble man who was preparing for ministry just like she was.  He would later become her husband and father of their seven children.  They knew each other for about two years as friends, and then they went together for ten months between March of 1978 and January of 1979 before they were married.

Bev graduated with honors, as did her husband later on, and she was the speaker during  graduation exercises at the school in 1978.  She returned later to serve on the staff at the school while her husband continued school to finish and graduate before they went on to ministry in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1980. 

Beverly And I Graduating Bible College
Beverly - On Bible College Staff