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Bible Archaeology


"God kept two copies of the historical records of his special dealing with and revelation to man. One was the Bible which had been written on parchment and by great effort placed into the hands of man. The other was written in the ruined remains and in the strange languages of those lands from whence the Bible came.

Man had access to the first of these, and could read and pattern his life accordingly; but few from the Western world could visit oriental lands, view the terrain of the country, observe remnants of the wreckage of bygone civilizations and imagine the meaning of bits of various strange writings found here and there.

Evidence on the surface was small in comparison to the wealth of materials buried in city mounds. Some of this material would be found by chance but more was destined to be found as men forged tools and keys suited to the search -- tools with which to dig, keys with which to unlock unknown languages, and methods by which to determine the time of origin for each discovery. Progress would come slowly and by the dedicated efforts of a multitude of men from many nations and from many professions

and walks of life -- draftsmen, professors, linguists, ministers, military men, missionaries, architects, engineers, as well as photographers, and others of great abilities -- who would dedicate themselves to the task of bringing into shape and making use of the tools needed in the onward course of the mighty movement.

The language tool with which mysterious signs and writings could be studied and understood was essential, and its mastery came at great cost to a few capable leaders.

Now after more than one hundred and sixty-five years of topographical and archaeological research, it can be rightfully said that the large army of learned men have pooled their efforts and picked up the threads of ancient life from a thousand city mounds and woven them into a pattern which agrees almost perfectly with the lives and recorded deeds of Bible characters. Thousands of "outside evidences" which give satisfying corroboration of scripture narratives for Jews and Christians have come to

light in crucial periods when the bolstering of faith everywhere has been all-important."

From the writing of

G. Frederick Owen D. D., Ed. D.