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Beverly Said Yes

The article below dated 4/22/78 is a page from Beverly's notebook that she kept in college. It is a blessing to both of us and a remembrance of God's wonderful grace in bringing us together. I remember standing and looking out the window at the mountains across from the college and 
being filled with anxiety because I wanted Bev to say yes so very much!  When I walked back to her she was smiling and she laughed a little, and perhaps it was a nervous laugh.  When she laughed I asked her if she thought I was a clown and then she said "yes."  I thought she meant yes you are a clown but she was saying yes, I will marry you. Beverly makes mention of that below.  I was so stunned by her answer that I could only hang my head in silence and gratitude while thanking the Lord. That day was the beginning of many great blessings to both of us.


In the Student Union

Rick asked me to marry him

this afternoon again, but this time

it was really serious & the Lord

told me I needed to answer and make

a decision.  I began to pray quietly

& then Rick began to pray & the

H.S.’s presence was very real with us.

I talked to the Lord extensively

about this decision (2nd in

importance only to accepting Jesus

in my heart) & he said “yes.”

So I finally was able to say

yes after Rick asked me something

else & I said “yes.”  But I told him

it wasn’t yes to something else but

to marriage.  All he could do was pray

and keep his head down.  We both felt

so weak & without any strength

in ourselves. The Lord told me

it is only “in him” that we

could do and be anything for His

glory.  If we keep looking to

Him & coming to Him, He’ll

be able to do with us as he pleases.

Amen.  I’ll never forget

this day for the rest of my

life. The Lord had, and has

everything under control!


Thank you Jesus!


A Poem I Wrote For Beverly While We Were In Bible College

JANUARY 7, 1979