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Beverly Ann Shaffer (Bev)

Beverly Ann (Bono) Shaffer

Born May 22, 1953 to

Al and Anna Mae Bono

Her name means "From the beaver dam"

Came to know Christ as her Savior at a prayer meeting in Ohio October 4, 1974

Married Rick Shaffer January 7, 1979 at the Mifflinburg Assembly of God in located in Mifflinburg, PA

Children in birth order:

Samuel Adam David Shaffer

Christopher Michael Shaffer

Richard Uriah Shaffer

Kristine Elizabeth Shaffer

Abigail Michelle Shaffer

David Matthew Shaffer

Sarah Beth Shaffer

Now grandmother to 15 grandchildren.  To see the grandchildren check out Samuel's page, Chris's page, Kristine's page and Abigail's page with the pages that extend from them.

Bev Shaffer is 69 years young and eternally alive in Christ. She is a woman of amazing inner beauty as can be testified by those who know her.   As a devoted servant of Christ first and foremost, she serves as a wife, mother, grandmother, chauffeur, cook, nurse, friend, and a godly example among other things.   She is truly the Proverbs 31 woman, and the absolute fulfillment of Proverbs 18:22  for her grateful husband.


Our Children And Their Families

Sam And Emily With Ethan, Joshua And Ellie Shaffer

Chris And Nancy With Benjamin, Matthew And Julianna Shaffer

Uncle Richard Uriah Shaffer

John And Kristine Spade With Keira, Kaleb, Kaylee And Kaelyn

Ruben And Abigail, With Adryanna, Elijah And Isaac Lopez

Uncle David Matthew Shaffer

Aunt Sarah Beth Shaffer

A Poem I Wrote In Celebration Of Our 35th Anniversary

Note: Since this was written our family has grown to seven children and thirteen grandchildren. 

Thirty-Five Years and Counting

It's really great to be alive,

As we look forward to thirty-five,

Yes, thirty-five years of walking together,

Through pleasant days and stormy weather.

On January 7th, 2014,

It'll be thirty-five years that we have seen ,

And God has enriched us in so many ways,

And blessed us incredibly all of our days.

He has given us years of ministering,

A privilege that surpasses most everything,

And blessed us with children and grandchildren too,

Soon numbering thirteen, and we are not through.

We prayed long ago that our God's love provides,

Godly men for our girls and our boys godly brides,

With the highest of hopes each will find a good mate,

That will cause them to radically celebrate.

Knowing God's time is perfect - his love gives the best,

So in trusting in him our children can rest,

He'll give them a man or a woman whose love,

Flows through them as a gift from the Father above.

And the joy of it all is God's glorious power,

That will keep every one of us hour after hour,

And bring us together on that great day,

A family whole – not one sheep gone astray.

Our deepest, most earnest, most passionate prayer,

Is that all generations will meet with us there,

With Jesus our Savior whose love kept us all,

Loyal to Him so that none ever fall.

After thirty-five billion of eternity's years,

In a place where love reigns and there's no more tears,

We'll bask in the sun of our glorious King,

And eternally praise Him for everything.

C. R. Lord  © 11/18/2013