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Be Encouraged

March 25, 1986 8:30–8:45 a.m.

Be encouraged, for the storms of life will pass.

It is well known that the dark night leads to day,

And life’s raging seas with calm as clear as glass,

Will reflect the brilliant sun’s sweet healing ray.

God intended that the trials of life should come,

To enrich us with the lessons we must learn,

To prepare us for our great eternal home,

At our Lovely Lord and Savior’s sure return.

Be encouraged then in this life’s little while,

Heaven gazes down upon us through it all,

And the saints who passed before with knowing smile,

In excitement, with us, wait the trumpet’s call.

Rather labor through your sorrows filled with praise,

For exceeding joy that nevermore will cease,

Is complete in Him who measures all our days,

Who alone gives life and joy and strength and peace.

C R Lord © 2007

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Be Encouraged
Be Encouraged

The poem on this print was created by C. R. Lord to encourage those who are struggling in life. This poem has been a source of blessing for others on several occasions. It would look great in any room in your home or the home of your loved one who may be struggling and they would appreciate the message now and forever.  

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