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A Willing Servant

We live in a world of servants. There are many forms of servitude, but every person ever born is living in service to someone or something whether they like to admit it or not.

In some instances people are unwilling slaves and aren't given a choice about who they are going to serve. These people live in countries where oppression reigns and their rights are stripped away from them without regard to them in any respect. Their dignity, honor, personal worth, and all else is set aside by those they serve as negligible and unworthy of consideration. For them life is a drudgery and misery is their closest companion. Sadly they are destined to live in this way all their life unless a miracle releases them from this horrible bondage and affliction.

For most people however their slavery is of their own choosing for a multitude of reasons.  Some have chosen to be overcome by circumstances rather than seeking ways to rise above them.  To them life has little meaning other than struggling from day to day with little or no hope of change.  Some have chosen to be engrossed in materialism and have totally dedicated their lives to the attainment of wealth and the accumulation of things which in and of themselves offer no lasting satisfaction.  When these people weary of the trinkets of life they become despondent and wish they knew why.  After all, the promise of having all your heart could desire seemed to be bright  and wonderful, so why shouldn’t they find happiness in things they wanted so badly?

Others are consumed with sexual lust, covetousness, pride of accomplishment, a desire to be noticed at any cost, creating the perfect family, finding the perfect friend, having the one job that they can enjoy completely, intellectual pride, looking down on others who they somehow believe to be inferior to them, knowledge that they believe transcends any argument, entertainment, and a host of things that would fill thousands of pages but still leave men grasping for satisfaction.

What do you serve or who do you serve?  Do you serve yourself?  Do you serve your federal, state or local government?  Do you serve your boss at work?  Do you bow the knee to depression and discouragement?  Do you serve your sexual cravings?  Do you bow down to materialism and worship her offerings as the supreme motive for your life?  Do you serve your intellect through exalting it to prominence it was never intended to have in your life?  Do you serve an oppressive dictator?  Do you serve anger and hatred and unforgiveness, and seem unable or unwilling to ever be released from these terrible things? 

What about a religion or a God? Do you serve Satan?  How about Hare Krishna?  Do you serve a church, synagogue or mosque?  Do you serve a congregation?  Perhaps you serve Buddha or One of the many gods of the many religions of the world that worship more than one God.  Are you monotheistic?  Do you serve Jehovah?  Do you serve Jesus Christ?   Is religion even a part of your life?  Perhaps you are an Atheist and totally reject the idea that God could exist at all.  Is that your case?  Then wittingly or unwittingly you serve the god of this world; Satan.

We are all servants!  We can and do decide who and what we will serve irrespective of whether we wish to admit to it or not.  I am sure there are people who will read this that could add much to this article, and I am equally as sure that there are those whose pride will blind them to accepting this assessment because they have believed for a long time that they are fully in control of their own selves and their destiny.  This is utter foolishness, of course, for many reasons.  To name a few: deterioration of our health, aging, massive and unexpected upheavals of nature, a person on a rampage with a gun crossing our path, sickness that is fatal, working for a tyrant, and the list could extend infinitely.  We don't even know if we will live out another day

Who or what do you serve?  Answer this for yourself!  The answer may be more important than you think?  It could have eternal ramifications!  As a matter of fact; it does!

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