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Are You Rational?


I have seen it claimed that this world is full of rational people. I am wondering to myself; "rational by whose standards?" I would like to know 

who can declare with absolute certainty, what really is rational! Are we talking about intellectual rationality?  Is it our opinionated rationality?  

Is it human rationality?  Perhaps it’s humanistic rationality?   Where is the beginning and end to all this?   Who made any one of us the expert 

on what is rational and what is not?

To be honest with you I find the greatest minds on this planet to be truly fallible in many ways. 
Whether you hold to atheism or religion or philosophy or some other ideology it is easy to find flaws in your arguments on various issues.  There is no such thing as a perfect person with perfect answers.  As a matter of fact, I find that when some of us are challenged to think subjectively about something that goes against what we want to believe we behave in ways that are anything but rational; at least according to what we think is rational behavior.

I believe strongly that there's a shortage of "lovers of truth" in the world, and that very shortage has created an incredible vacuum of rational thinkers.  Rational thinkers examine things from every perspective without preconceived prejudices and opinions, and are always open to the possibility that they could be wrong about something.   A very wise man made the following statement: "No man has ALL the knowledge on ANY subject at ANY time."  I agree and add to that statement;  "So then we could all stand to learn more about what we know or what we THINK WE KNOW."

I find it patently offensive that so many so-called "seekers of truth" refuse to deal with truth 
when it runs against their long-held belief systems.   Being wrong about something isn't as bad as being arrogant and/or subjective about our beliefs to the point that we'll never allow an argument 

that refutes what we believe.  The most frequent occurrence of this is in the realm of dealing with the realm of spiritual things.   People who 

have never had a spiritual experience attack those who say they have, and people who have had spiritual experiences attack those who say they have not. The truth is that we are all having a spiritual experience either by acknowledging one or by rejecting one or more of them.  The reason 

I know this is true is because I know that the real person you think you are is not the person you really are. Your body is merely a shell that you 

live in, and I will hold onto that idea until someone can prove me wrong. 

The true being that you are is spiritual in nature and will long outlive your body. You are free to accept or deny this, but if you are wise you will be careful to examine it fully from all points of view before your body dies. It will be the greatest tragedy for anyone who reads this to just push it off, and then find out after it is too late, that preparing for eternity is the greatest need for anyone who is given life on earth.  Imagine stepping out 

of this shell we call our body, and finding yourself face to face with other spiritual beings that you denied could possibly exist. Imagine if one of 

them was the Christian God!   Imagine him as all-powerful, absolutely pure and holy, and the judge of all who stop living on earth and begin eternity without his freely offered forgiveness.  Imagine the incredibly keen sense of being there in his presence with no hope of forgiveness knowing your judgment is sure and you threw away your chances on earth to know his love and forgiveness for any reason whatsoever.  How horrifying it will be to be irrevocably lost and and without hope.

Where will rational thinking be then?  What will all the arguments you gave that God didn't 
really exist matter?  What kind of sentence will be passed on all who died rejecting his commandments? 
I am sure you know if you know anything at all about what the Christian gospel has to 

say about eternity!  Shouldn't you take a very real and rational assessment of your spiritual life and find out if I am right in my knowledge that 

the spiritual life is far more real than the physical life you perceive now?  Consider my words carefully!  I pray that they will not come to you in 

vain! Think rationally!   Far too much depends on it if I am right!

C R LORD  ©  11/11/2016