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A Special Tribute

CALVIN HUNT - (1957 - 2009)

This page is not just a tribute to the man but a tribute to the God who radically changed him from 
a Crack Addict on the street, sleeping in a dog house, to a man of God whose love for the Lord was evident in the life he lived for his Savior. Wikipedia article here

God gifted Calvin with a beautiful voice, and the video on this page will attest to that. More than 
that God gave Calvin a genuine love for people that sprung forth in his life and through his music. God restored Calvin to his family through a chorus of wonderful prayer lifted on his behalf that climaxed many other prayers as he was drawn to God's house through the prayers of God's people and walked into the presence of God at Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York City. As he entered he heard many people pleading with God to bring him there.

Calvin Hunt - Precious Brother In Christ, Husband and Father
and Minister For Jesus His Savior
(1957 - December 26, 2009)

Calvin Hunt was one of eight children. He knew the struggle of growing up as a child of an 
alcoholic mother who later became born again. He began singing at age 5. Calvin started working at the age of 12. He worked at an Italian pizzeria in Queens, New York for four years to help out 
his mother. At age 16 He worked construction, moved out on his own, and started a band as a lead singer. He married Miriam on April 14, 1984 after returning from the army. Miriam had two children from her previous marriage, Monique and Freddy. Later Calvin fathered Mia and Calvin Jr.

When Calvin's group fell through he continued writing and singing for friends and family, doing 
block parties, etc. He later became addicted to 
crack cocaine. Eventually, with the prayer of his wife and children and his Church, Christ Tabernacle, He rehabilitated and became a full-time minister. He used his gift in the Christ Tabernacle Choir and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers, with whom he won a Grammy and a Dove Award.