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A Little Child Looked Up One Day
March 9, 2000—1:57 p.m. EST

A little child looked up one day,
Never heard that she should pray
When she saw the heavens above,
Was struck with wonder at God’s love.

A man came by and saw her look,
Had in his hand a little book.
- And-
Began to tell her of God’s grace,
And Jesus met her in that place.

How sad men struggle all alone,
As God calls to them from his throne.
To offer love from day to day,
If they will bow to Him and pray.

How strange a little girl can see,
How Christ has come to set men free.
Men full grown go on their way,
And never think to kneel and pray.

Well, God is merciful and wise,
He wants to open paradise
​If you hear his call of love,
Just raise your heart to him above.

Then like the little girl you’ll see,
The only one who sets men free
Who died to save the human race,
From death and Hell and sin’s disgrace.
C. R. Lord © 2007