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A Flock Of Miracles And Other Blessings

Prior to our marriage God had to work a lot of miracles just to get the marriage together. I was finishing my first half of Bible College, and neither 

of us had any income above our day to day needs, and even that was sketchy, so we had to pray for the needs for our whole wedding and all that came with it in. The following is a list taken from our wedding book.

A quick Note:  "The number of completion according to some Bible scholars is 7, and when Beverly and I went for our blood tests our waiting number was seven.   Our doctor's name was CHRISTman.  God attends even to what we see as small and insignificant things, and these 

two seemingly unimportant things are a particular blessing to us as well.  Our blood test cost us a total of $10.00 which included the doctor's fee, and our license was $5.00.  I still have the bandaids from our blood test.  Bet you might think that's silly but I don't.  My wife thought it was gross when I showed her, but I told her it is part of a very special event that will never be repeated again for us.  

1.  I prayed for some shoes and they came to the college blessings room, and I was rejoicing in the blessings room.  Beverly was going to pray 

for shoes for me, but the Lord told her to rejoice because I already had them.  While I was praising God in the blessings room she began to 

praise God upstairs in the women's dorm.

2.  The Lord asked each one of us individually to give the other up.  We both rebelled, were convicted of idolatry, surrendered and the Lord told 

us that we could have one another back after we surrendered.  It was a test in two different locations at different times, and I think Beverly shared what happened to her and I said, "That's exactly what happened to me."  Neither of us knew beforehand what the other one was going through.

3.  An evangelist came from Korea and was ministering in the church that day, and we had never seen or heard of this man before, and he knew nothing about us.  We were standing in the back of the church talking to a friend about some different people opposing our marriage and those 

who favored it and how confusing it was.  I told the woman we were talking to that I WOULD NOT GET MY ANSWER FROM MEN BUT FROM GOD.  The service started and we went in, and the man from Korea preached his message and then there was an altar call.  I went forward 

and sat in the second pew and put my head on the front pew and then began to pray about our situation.  The man from Korea stopped where I was praying, and put his hand on me and then withdrew it.  He then said, "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET YOUR ANSWER FROM MEN SON, 

BUT FROM GOD."  What a marvelous, unexpected confirmation from the Lord!   I was elated!  When I told Beverly about it she was rejoicing as well!

4.  The Lord changed the hearts of some who were undecided concerning our marriage.  

5. I prayed for a two piece blue suit to come in the blessings and it came.  Beverly prayed for a wedding dress to come in the blessings and that came also.  A woman who was working in the office took the wedding dress, even though she knew Beverly prayed for it, because she wanted it 

for her daughter who was going to get married.  The Lord provided a nicer dress than that one for Beverly in spite of that.

6.  We had no money for wedding invitations, so the supervisor of the print shop, Brother Silvia, told me that if I would design an invitation he 

would pay to have it printed in the shop.  I designed it, and he printed it without cost to us.

7.  Beverly's mom told her that she would not come to the wedding if it wasn't in Ohio where all her relatives were.  We felt that our closest friends were in Sunbury at the college and in the church community and told her mom we would not be coming to Ohio.  Then we prayed that God would soften her heart and that of her husband.  We also knew that the planned wedding in Ohio would go against our convictions concerning booze, bands and dancing to worldly music.  We didn't want to have to deal with that.  Not only did Beverly's mom and dad come to the wedding, they 

took the wedding party out to steak dinner and helped the women's ministries provide the decorations and food for the reception.

8.  Sister Anderson, the pastor's wife created a wedding cake for us at a very low price that we could pay.

9.  We had very little money for wedding rings, and Bev and a friend of ours wanted to go to the jewelry story to look at rings.  I agreed to get in 

the car and go but only to look.  The lady who wanted to take us was Norma Sutherland.  As she was driving us to town she told us that her husband and her felt the Lord wanted them to give us some money, and she asked if we wanted it then or later.  We took it right then, and with what little we had saved up and what they gave us we were able to afford the rings we wanted.  

10.  We were able to get the favors for those attending the wedding at a price we wanted to pay. We had very little money so that was a special blessing along with so many others.

11. Our floral arrangements only cost us $23.50 thanks to the generosity of the florist.

12. My brother David said he would never wear a tie  He was in the hippie culture then, and didn't like ties.  I personally don't like them either.  Anyway, we prayed for him and he showed up with a tie on in spite of his aversion to them.  

13. 125 to 130 people showed up for the wedding, some of them traveling a good distance, in spite of rain, snow, and sleet all day.  What a blessing and sacrifice they made, and Beverly and I appreciated it very much.

14.  Without us knowing it, the cake and the invitations were identical.   It was not planned except by the Lord.

15. Our friend Frank Kurtz escorted Beverly's parents everywhere to make their stay easier. 

16. We went to the reception without any knowledge of where we would stay afterwards.  As we were cutting the cake Helen Burleigh, the wife of Dr. Gary Burleigh, a veterinarian, came by and asked us where we were going on our honeymoon.  We had been praying for a miracle so I told 

her we had no idea but were trusting that God would meet the need.  She started to walk away, and then came back and said, "Are you serious?"  

I told her yes, and she said, "I'll be right back." She returned with a paper with directions on it to their hunting lodge on the lake in Northern PA, 

and it had their home and office phones on it.  She told us that we could have the cabin as long as we liked and if we needed anything while we were there we should call them and they would take care of it.  We came to the wedding in our friend's car, and he told us we could have it as 

long as we needed it.  So we traveled to the hunting cabin in a borrowed car, and it broke down and Dr. Burleigh had his own personal mechanic fix it for us.  Later, before I graduated Bible college and was facing a ministry internship with Beverly, another friend, David Eia, gave us a car free, which was the first car we ever owned as a married couple.  

17. My brother David told me he loved me for the first time in many years.  That was a super bonus, and a blessing I never expected.

18. We drove to Northern PA without windshield wipers on the car our friend loaned us and the Lord gave us safe travel in spite of the snow covered and slippery roads.  We did end up in a ditch on the way there, but the Lord had someone there to help us get out, so it didn't last long.  

It is amazing how God shows up all the time when we need him!  Praise his name!

19. The ministry that we were interning with was a church in Aberdeen, Maryland, and they provided a furnished apartment and transportation for all our things to get us there.  

20.  Since then there  are so many times God has shown himself faithful on our behalf that will be included somewhere in other parts of this site.