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President Trump Addresses The UN!!!

You might be wondering why I am addressing the political arena on a ministry site. Well, I know that many ministries are bound to one extent or 

the other by the government tool we call 501 (c) (3) tax exemption. I am not so bound, and I have no intention of ever being bound by that! Because I am not bound to the 501 (c)(3) I fully enjoy freedom of speech without government interference provided we don't ever find ourselves under socialism or global government as our authority in America. Then freedom of speech will not be part of our laws and our Constitution will 

be taken away and replaced by other law.

My motivation for producing this page and other pages dealing with politics is that I am becoming more and more interested in politics and the ramifications of political activity that in some ways affect my rights as a citizen of the United States and as a Christian citizen in particular.In addition, I find that many of my fellow believers are reasonably ignorant about even the simplest things having to do with politics and whether Christians should be involved in the political process at all. My personal attitude toward politics and political issues is summed up below.

First and foremost I must declare that I believe Christians have an obligation to others to be part of the political process because they influence the process positively for the benefit of everyone whether Christian or not.  Christians are part of a very large, vital voting bloc.  Christians who refuse to vote are really refusing to take responsibility for the course of government locally, statewide and at the national level.   As citizens of the United States we can vote, petition and otherwise be involved in shaping policy before that policy becomes burdensome to us and 

to others.  When Christians see issues coming that could take away freedoms from themselves or anyone else it is imperative that they step in and do what they can to avert the threat.  That should be common sense to anyone who believes the future of their children and grandchildren is important to them. In the Old Testament prophets went before kings and instructed them and they challenged them if their actions violated 

God's word.  While I am not advocating a "theocracy" in any way, there is no way I would stand by and see my children and grandchildren forced to be involved in things that run contrary to the values of scripture. 

I will clarify my standing concerning issues within the context of articles dealing with issues that seek to undermine our Constitution and personal freedoms or that violate my personal convictions. I will speak out concerning things that have been approved or might be approved by government that run contrary to the scriptures including homosexual and lesbian rights and abortion. The right of expression is called freedom of speech which is guaranteed to all American citizens whether they have religious convictions or not.

One vitally important thing to me creating this site is that I will promise to speak everything truthfully from personal observations, experience, study and from my heart concerning what I have learned over a period of 75 years on earth and 44 years of that time as a Christian as well as what I am learning now.  For those who aren't aware of it, the Bible demands absolute truth from the followers of Christ.  That would be me and anyone else determined to be obedient to the words of the scriptures.  Whether you agree with me or not you can rest assured that I will be as truthful as I know how and teachable concerning my mistakes or misunderstandings while being very firm in convictions I hold dear dealing with my faith and my decidedly conservative stance.  To do less than that would be to live a lie.

Below Are President Trump's Inauguration 

Speech And The Our Movement Speech

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President Donald Trump's Achievements

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