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It is with great anticipation that I welcome everyone to this site!  I earnestly pray that God would grant you his richest blessings through what I offer here for your spiritual life and growth!  I love God and I love all people with the love Jesus put in me!



Welcome To The C R Lord Ministry Site


Mission Statement

To love Jesus Christ above all and love
everyone, especially my immediate family.
Mark 12:30-31

Important Information!

On some pages of the site there will be audio positioned between the page title and page content. With the audio you can listen to the page, read the page or do both. It is well documented that we retain more of the information provided for us if we read and listen to it and even more if we take notes and write it out for ourselves. If there is someone in your home who isn't able to read the information for one reason or the other; they can still receive a blessing by hearing it taught. That aspect of the site will especially help elderly and disabled people. If you have someone like that in your family they can listen to the audio and video.


A Poem For My Visitors To Consider

I never like to ask for money,

But somehow it just don't seem funny,

That people who provide this site,

Somehow feel that it's alright,

For me to pay a monthly fee,

To offer all this stuff to thee,

To show that you appreciate,

Please use the online offering plate.

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Below is a list of current content offered in the PDF vault in the drop down menu to the right.

10 Character sketches with pictures.

10 Character sketches without pictures.

10 Character sketches done as individual Pdf documents.

A Call To All Christians - A challenge to grow in your walk with the Lord.

Attributes of God - Part One and Part Two in one document.

Romans 1:16-32 - Verse by Verse Study With Greek Word Definitions.

Women Damaged Through Abortion - Many testimonies from women who had an abortion.

Answering Joe; A Jehovah's Witness - A teaching compiled by request from a doubting J.W.

Spiritual - Not Religious - A Rebuttal to Peter Baska's erroneous article on spirituality.

Homophobia - A Christian perspective on this subject

Doctrinal Statement - A brief outline you can use to create your own doctrinal statement

Aging - Is old age a time to rest or does God still have work for us to do in old age


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