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It is with great anticipation that we welcome everyone coming to our site!  We earnestly pray that God would grant you his richest blessings through what we offer here for your spiritual life and growth!  We love God and we love all who come here!




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C R Lord Ministries website is offered in two parts. The first part is offered without cost. It will be about basic Christian teaching. There will be a second part to the site that offers College papers (some content from my college courses to study, offered to you at a very reasonable price). Also most of the book "From the Heart of a Servant is available for students to read online, and I will include teaching for those who are thinking of marriage or who have been married and other helpful studies for everyone.

Part One of the site is in main headings and the drop down menus on the site. It will include basic information about Christian teaching and doctrine for those who are just starting out in their walk with the Lord. Access to the autobiography of C R Lord will also be available but I encourage the student to be more attentive to the teaching materials. The autobiography can be read after class just like in a lunch break in a school setting. Some subjects that are covered in Part One include:

Doctrinal Statement, God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Man, Sin, Salvation, Satan, Hell, The Reality Of Hell, The Bible, Bible Study, Christian Living and more. There is much to be learned for the new Christian or the Christian struggling with their faith and all of it is prepared with the design to bring you closer to the Lord and help you start the growth process. In addition, you can learn about me by reading Who I Am, My Resume, and The C R Lord Autobiography.

PLEASE NOTE: On the right side of every page to this site there are "Quick Links" broken down by subject matter so that if you want to study a certain subject you will be able to access it easily by clicking on the individual link associated with that study. Just one more feature for you to use!


Part Two will be dealing with a lot more teaching that isn't essential for the new Christian but it could prove to be important to those who intend to gain strength in their walk with the Lord and wish to find direction and purpose in serving him. Some of the content will be college notes and papers that I will share with members only. The members only part of the site will be available

for a very insignificant cost compared to what is being offered. You would have to go to years of schooling to get the educations in the second part of this site. Rather than sitting in a classroom setting and wishing you were somewhere else, I am offering this information for you to learn at your own pace and all you have to supply is the desire and motivation to learn. I will be available for questions through the contact form provided. Subjects in Part Two of the site will include the following:

Marriage and the Family, Theology, Christology, and the other "ologies," Discipleship, Prophecy, The Poetry of C R Lord for online reading, teaching video and audio and more.

Below is an example of two audio and one video teaching that will be presented in Part Two of this site.

I want to assure my students that I don't do a lot of "Green Man" videos even though they are more fun.


Are Christians Supposed To Judge

Why We Need Revival

Some additional offerings on this site will include Products that can be purchased which include Poetry On Art Prints and Paperback copies of C R Lord's Book shown on the right margin of the site.  The Poetry On Art Prints will be offered on the page that the poetry is written on.  For an example go to the Poetry About Jesus Page.   I am also be offering PDF copies of my book and other printed materials that can be useful material for teachers and preachers to download, print and hand out to their class.  The PDF area of this site will be a paid offering.  The cost for access to the PDF part of the ministry site will be a monthly fee of $15.00.  You will need a password to access that part of the site.  A signup page will be available when I am finished preparing the PDFs for you to read and/or download.  The access code will be changed once a month on the first day of the month irrespective of what time of the month you make your purchase so some of the student's initial month will overlap giving more than an exact month for your costs.  Example would be; $15.00 paid January 21.  A person starting the first week of the month would benefit more than anyone else.  Take it as a blessing instead of groaning if someone receives a greater blessing due to their signup date.  Remember the parable of the man who went out and hired the workers at all different times of the day and at the end of the day he paid them all the same.  He told the complainers they agreed to what he offered and it was his decision how he paid them.  Perhaps you don't know about that story.  If you don't, then you definitely need to use this site.     


Money realized from the costs of anything on this site are for the purpose of maintaining the site itself and for support of this ministry.  In addition, a portion of the income will be used to offer help to a Christian family of four adults and four young girls in Sri Lanka who live in poverty and are hoping to come to America so they can practice their faith without fear of oppression or death and to be able to work at a job to support themselves.  The UN will help them get here but the time for UN help is not set yet and they need help every month while they are waiting.


On some pages of Part One of the site there will be audio on the page between the page title 

and the page content.  With the audio you can listen to the page, read the page or do both.  It is well documented that we retain more of information provided for us if we both read and listen to 

it and even more if we take notes and write it out for ourselves.  If you have someone who isn't able to read the information well for one reason or the other; they can still receive blessing by 

hearing it.  That aspect of the site would especially help elderly people and disabled people. 

The final thing  I wish to mention is that Part Two of the site will be just for those who purchase 

a membership.  The membership portion will be for those who enjoy studying doctrinal subjects 

or things specific to growth and maturity in their walk with the Lord.  Part Two will continue to 

grow as the site grows.  The initial membership cost will be $15.00 a month or $150.00 if you 

pay the full year.  If you pay the full year membership you will save $30.00 off the monthly cost or two months free.  You are reading that right.  You will receive what is basically a Bible school education for far less than it would cost you to invest the years required to attend and graduate from Bible school or college that cost thousands of dollars per semester.  

Please understand that this is not a school where you are taking classes to get a diploma.  It is a ministry site providing many extras for you to profit from in your walk with the Lord.  You will need to bring commitment, godly motivation, and determination, among other good attributes to finish the studies available here.  Perhaps you can present yourself with a certificate after you have run the course and finished with a steady pace that you might serve the Lord with wisdom for all the days of your life and help many others in their walk with God.  You will also be better prepared to obey the command of our Lord to "be ready to give an answer to every man who asks you for a reason of the hope that lies within you with meekness and humility."