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It is with great anticipation that we welcome everyone coming to our site!  We earnestly pray that God would grant you his richest blessings through what we offer here for your spiritual life and growth!  We love God and we love all who come here!



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Important Information!

On some pages of the site there will be audio positioned between the page title and page content. With the audio you can listen to the page, read the page or do both.   It is well documented that we retain more of the information provided for us if we read and listen to it and even more if we take notes and write it out for ourselves.  If there is someone in your home who isn't able to read the information well for one reason or the other; they can still receive a blessing by hearing 

it taught.  That aspect of the site would especially help elderly people and disabled people.  If you have someone like that in your family they can listen to the audio and video.. 

Please understand that this is not a school where you are taking classes to get a diploma.  It is a ministry site providing many extras for you to profit from in your walk with the Lord.  You must bring your commitment, godly motivation, and determination, among other godly attributes to profit from the wealth of information available here.  

Perhaps you can present yourself with a certificate after you've finished studying the site to your satisfaction.  You should also be better prepared to obey the command of our Lord to "be ready 

to give an answer to every man who asks you for a reason of the hope that lies within you with meekness" as the scripture instructs.  May God enable you to live for his honor and glory! 

For everyone's convenience and for teachers especially there will be PDF documents offered in the PDF store that can be purchased and downloaded and printed for your own personal use or 

as handouts for  students or for your own personal information.  A password will be required to access the PDF store and the password might be changed every month.  All the PDF information will be copyrighted so be sure to give credit to C R Lord when using the information.  Thank you.